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In 2006, I co-wrote Comeback Moms:  How to Leave Work, Raise Children, and Restart Your Career Even If You Haven’t Had a Job in Years (Random House) which focused on moms leaving and reentering the workforce to take time out to raise their children.  At about the same time, my son, Chase, entered first grade at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Austin, Texas.  It was there over the years through book clubs and baseball teams that I met and became friends with other St. Andrew’s moms:  Jennifer Marsh, Leslie Harrell, Julie Orchid, and Angela McComb.  We’ve become such close friends over the years that we share laughs, sorrows, and advice with each other daily on a group text.  We also travel together on girls trips (the annual trip to the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival is a favorite) and as families.  I don’t think our experience is uncommon.  I know lots of women with similar groups of close mom friends.  In fact, my own mother had a “Bridge Club” which rarely played bridge but remained lifelong friends.

My own experience with “The Moms” culminated in our kids graduation this past spring from high school.  Through the years, the kids themselves had ups and downs including friendships among each other and even dating on occasion.

Overall, the Class of 2020 experienced lots of challenges and still do today.  As moms, we find ways to deal with these things together.  It was based on this relationship and experience that we decided to start our podcast, Inside the Moms Club.  Our hope is that it can be a fun and informative way for moms everywhere to share our humor, knowledge (for what it’s worth), and experiences.

We invite moms across America to join the club!

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About Us

Monica Samuels

Monica Samuels is creative and an entrepreneur with a diverse background, including law (immigration and environmental), politics (staff member of a presidential campaign), and publishing (co-authored and promoted a book for Random House). She co-authored Comeback Moms:  How to Leave Work, Raise Children, and Restart Your Career Even If You Haven’t Had a Job in Years.  In promoting the book and raising awareness of work challenges, Monica appeared on ABC News, Fox News Channel, and radio programs across the United States and Canada, as well as in Fortune, The New York Times, Newsweek, Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Dallas Morning News, and Austin American Statesman.  Monica is mom to two sons. She enjoys reading (especially history), traveling, art, and all sports.

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Jennifer Marsh

Jennifer Marsh is a leader and organizer with a strong attention to detail. Jennifer runs an Austin based architectural practice, designhouse, founded in 2002.  Prior to operating her own business, Jennifer worked at architectural firms, Einhorn/Yaffee/Prescott (DC), Ayers/Saint/Gross (Baltimore) and Dick Clark Architecture (Austin).  She also taught design at The University of Texas School of Architecture.  Jennifer is a native of the Northeast but has lived on both coasts, the Midwest, Europe, and Asia.  When she’s not working professionally, Jennifer is managing school projects big and small. She is mom to a daughter and son.  Jennifer spends her free time traveling and trying to keep up with her kids, dogs, and large extended family.

Leslie Harrell

Leslie Harrell is an entrepreneur extraordinaire.  Besides owning two title companies with her husband, Leslie is the founder of Blitz Concessions, an online platform for concession sales and management.  Prior to these endeavors, Leslie owned a paint your own pottery studio and volunteered in her community often chairing events.  A favorite charity is Habitat for Humanity for which made and sold gingerbread houses. Leslie is mom to a daughter and son.  She enjoys walking her dogs, reading, and creating and pursuing indoor and outdoor DIY projects.

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Julie Orchid

Julie Orchid isn’t afraid to try new things and is enormously compassionate and caring.  She’s also a lot of fun!  Julie is a former Dell Account Executive who decided the corporate world was not her calling so she made a career pivot into nursing. An emergency room nurse for twelve years, Julie is the steady hand needed in a crisis. Fiercely loyal to her college alma mater, Julie is mom to two daughters and caretaker of a fish, Smokey the Ferret, cats Spooky and South, Wally Eva the snake, and the world-famous Dachshund, Sweetie. Julie enjoys tennis, travel, and eating out.

Angela McComb

Angela McComb is a fierce advocate in any situation she finds herself in. She is a founder of Innovative Health Resources, a healthcare consulting company.  Angela is happily married to her best friend since high school and is mom to two daughters and a son.  Other cherished family members include two dogs and three cats. She enjoys skiing, hiking, reading, watching football and baseball.

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