The Best Laid Plans

The Best Laid Plans

I’m sitting in Seat 13E enroute (originally) from London to Austin which is now diverted back to London about four hours into the flight.

What makes this disconcerting aside from the obvious fact that anytime the pilot comes on and describes a “mechanical failure” and you’re still seated on the plane and it’s 38,000 feet above the ground, that’s a big enough problem.

Assuming we make it safely back (fingers crossed), I struggle with another more personal problem and that is that 2023 is supposed to be my year. I’m planning on big things this year!

So, what does it portend when it looks like I may face possible catastrophe on Day One? I don’t know how your year is beginning, but for me this isn’t a great start.

Evidently, the pilot tried to get permission for us to land in Greenland or Iceland, but they can’t accommodate a plane this large. I’m a little sorry about that since I’ve had Iceland on my bucket list, and I’d be the only one of my friends to ever set foot in Greenland.

I’m also not thrilled by the thought that my ten-hour trip home is turning into a sixteen-hour flight when all is said and done. I also made the mistake of checking my bag and only putting reading material and my iPad in my carry-on bag. Lesson learned (I hope)!
When they assigned me a seat in Row 13, I was originally concerned, but I decided that one of my New Year’s resolution will be to rid myself of all superstitions. Hmm—that’s the shortest-lived resolution in history.

Assuming we land safely, I’m still very optimistic about 2023, and I think I can fairly say that if you can still maintain positivity and hopefulness in my current situation, 2023 should still prove to be a very good year!

Stay tuned.